The Feminine Energy: Manifesto/Prayer

by Stella Hartmann

1. Give more self affirmations and grow more self confidence.

2. Build a growing interest in life, find work that is loved, blossom in your talents.

3. Know that one can truly love and care for themselves. Truly.

4. Have the grounding needed in your life to not be phased by outsiders, to hold strong and steady in path and self identity.

5. Sensitivity and femininity can be mutually inclusive and exclusive. Stay vulnerable and genuine  in your sensitivity. Find and keep strength in your glorious femininity, it is a power.

6. Vulnerability is tied to bravery and raw heart. A trait for those who seek their own paths. To share when it may not be well received, to give when it may be condemned. Know thy vulnerability to be a cloaked strength.

7. Masculinity in our societal terms is a cloaked weakness. Quick to be defensive, tied to ego. We know this leads to toxic fragility and a potion of fear that is hard to separate from its holder. If this is within you, surrender and become vulnerable. If this is outside you, face it with the courage of vulnerability and the power of the feminine.  Balance is the only neutralizer.

8. You will find the love you need, where you are. Remember who you are, in this moment. Be present in the love that you have, in this moment. Be the best that you are, in this moment. Embrace that which you are, in this moment.

I’ve written this as a reminder for those who are open and in their own journey to greatness and love. In sharing these thoughts with me, we are bonded. May our thoughts uplift each other and allow us to find what we need to be full on this plane.