About the Project

She/Lore, our flagship stories project, aims to explore the vast range of women’s voices existing today. We ask participants for their thoughts about a variety of topics and post new questions and prompts monthly. We urge contributors to meditate on their gender in all responses. Our goal is to create a supportive venue where stories that might not otherwise be told be shared freely without judgment or expectation. We want to raise awareness of all of the forms that power and adversity can come in for women.

The collection of stories that has emerged, and continues to emerge, is meant to showcase diversity even through sameness. All contributors share one thing for certain, identifying as women, but the differences abound. This is the crux of the project: to illustrate the purest truth, that at the most elemental level, we are all women, we are all just people, connected by what we share, but overflowing with variety. Let’s pay homage to that, and let’s listen closely. In the end, this is a collection of human stories and a dialogue to connect us all. Join our collective of story-tellers opening up about their experiences, cultures, relationships, and perspectives. You can choose to have your story published anonymously or with your name attached. Unique artwork inspired by the individual stories are then created to accompany each and posted in the Anthology.

You can share your story here or respond to this month's question below: