Marie Tomanova

Marie Tomanova was born in 1984 in former Czechoslovakia. She received her BA at Masaryk University Brno in 2007 and her MFA from Faculty of Fine Arts at University of Technology, Czech Republic in 2010. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn.

Her work consist of portraits and self-portraiture where she explores issues of gender, identity, and sexuality. In combining performance and self-exposure, she creates pictures with a hint of naiveté and raw honesty. "Almost geologically, almost as an archaeology of what and how I am, each photo is a landscape for you, of me, in which you can find what you are or what you are not."

Tomanova has shown her work at solo and group exhibitions at A.I.R. Gallery in New York, OTGF in Los Angeles, Philadelphia Photo Arts Center in Philadelphia, Black Box Gallery in Portland and the Ars Gallery, Galerie Slevarna, and Reduta in the Czech Republic. Her work has been featured in many publications including ART21 Magazine, VICE, Posture Magazine, The Wild Magazine, and The New York Observer.

Taylor Hanigosky

Taylor Hanigosky is a photo artist from Youngstown, Ohio who relishes in the beauty of storytelling. She feels compelled to use imagery as a way to provoke conversation about how we live and why. She takes her inspiration from the simple nuances of everyday routines and explores alternative photographic processes as a means of creative expression. 

Taylor recently finished a photographic series constructed to affirm and celebrate a modern female experience. 

Images of women are everywhere - on nearly every product’s packaging, magazine page, and street corner. But the over-saturation of falsified versions of women's bodies primes a deep desire for a rare glimpse of authenticity and familiarity. Unable to seek out the images I was craving, I felt compelled to create my own. As a twenty-something young woman at the cusp of fresh independence, I set out to photograph my world - a world of waning innocence, newfound boldness, and impervious uncertainty. However, during the course of this project, I often faced the dismissive claim that photographing a female experience was cliché. But this perception diminishes female emotion into a pool of trivial musings and restricts a woman to a rigid and preconceived idea. When facing these belittling assaults on the validity of femininity, I became ever more compelled to continue. I amassed a series of images unveiling the essence of modern femininity in the quietest and most private of moments. What I found were the beautiful contradictions, emotions, and fluidity of identifying as a woman in the 21st century.

Sarah Elise Abramson

"The act of photographing keeps me grounded and in touch with the things that matter most."  Inspired by the things that live in between; odd combinations and conflicting ideas, ambiguity and androgyny, Sarah lives and works out of San Pedro, CA where these things come in abundance.  The actors in her photos are her friends and the world full of beautifully unusual backdrops is her stage. 

Raychel Reimer

Raychel Reimer is a freelance artist based out of Vancouver, Canada. She studied Media Arts at Sheridan Institute in Toronto where she specialized in documentary film-making. A lover of many platforms, Reimer is not only an award-winning documentary filmmaker, but also a photographer, writer, and mixed media artist, and she continues to create raw, non-fiction art in all of these different mediums.

100 Tides is a poetry and polaroid project that Reimer completed in the span of 100 days. Every day she took one instant photograph and paired it with one poetry piece she wrote, with the result being an image that metaphorically reflects each day. 100 Tides is a journey through heartbreak, mental illness, and self-love. 


Keylah Mellon

Keylah Mellon is a Haitian-American documentary photographer. She grew up on the Caribbean island and left to attend Hofstra University in Long Island, NY. A certain sensitivity to the human condition and to the wonder of art pushed her to express herself through different forms of media. She currently lives and works between New York and Haiti.

Julie Simon

Julie Simon (b. 1988, Chicago, IL) received a BFA in fine arts from the Museum School of Fine Arts, and Tufts University in 2011. She now lives and works as a multimedia artist, photographer, and wardrobe stylist in Brooklyn, NY. 

Aysia Marotta

Aysia Marotta is a BRIC Award winning documentary film maker and photographer based in Brooklyn, New York.  She specializes in behind the scenes photo and video, as well as editorial and portraiture. Her work - mostly driven by music - is heavily influenced by the subtlety and chaos that her environment has to offer.

Gabriela Sera

Gabriela Serra was born in Caracas, Venezuela and currently resides in Miami, FL where she works as a photographer and videographer. Her work is largely influenced by nature and spontaneous interactions with strangers.

Sara Virgil

Sara Virgil is a Brooklyn-based photographer whose images explore the relationship between light and nature. Her photographs invite the viewer to look closer at how we see ourselves and those around us. She strives to capture the beauty of simple gestures within our routine environments .

Jessica Levin

Jessica Levin is a Chicago-based freelance photographer, specializing in creative portraiture. Her clean, candid images reveal a bridge between the past and the present, on the one hand capturing all the freshness and energy of today's youth, and on the other plunging the viewer into that nostalgic, dreamy haze of carefree years gone by.

Danielle Spires

Danielle Spires is a self-proclaimed unapologetic feminist photographer. She loves shooting and allowing her models to be the ones in control and helping to guide where the shoot will go. Danielle has been taking photographs since 1997 and holds an AA in Photography and a BA in Sociology. She is currently based in Los Angeles.