Juli Toro

Juli Toro grew up among the stucco strip malls and swamps of Florida, and is now living in the Sierra Nevada foothills in the little town of Nevada City, California. Her art ranges from found object accumulation sculptures to pseudo-symmetrical food collages on paper. She harvests most of her materials from her immediate vicinity; everything from deflated balloons leftover from her child's birthday party, to the stems of herbs plucked from her garden, to random items found in thrift stores, she seeks to transform these things into something more exciting. Her works on paper focus on ideas of decadence. She combines pictures of food, flowers, and bright colors into gluttonous wall displays.

Nico Mazza

Nico Mazza is a painter and mixed media artist. She uses historically female-dominated traditions, such as embroidery and weaving, to explore cultural and social strands of femininity.

Evelyn Lasso

Evelyn Lasso is a visual artist based in Rosario, Argentina. Inspired by nature, she constructs forms based on organic shapes and texture.