Erin Donnelly

Erin Donnelly has studied art and created art for nearly her whole life. Although she says she never really concentrated in watercolors or gouache, she finds these days this medium is easiest to work with in her intimate studio. She enjoys working tightly on floral and geometric prints with these materials, as well as her usual loose, free flowing, more abstract figures and objects in her oil paintings. 

Her most recent work references designs and patterns you may find in many different cultures' folk art - imperfect, yet beautiful representations of common people's work. Many of her subjects are women, which she likes to think of as her Goddesses, "They are the women that I give power to when I may not feel powerful myself. I may create a Pinup when I don't feel sexy, a Gypsy when I feel I need to run, or a Deity when I need change. Imagining who these women are, breathing life into them, painting the colors of their essence in turn gives me the freedom and power I need as an artist, as a common person, as a woman." 

Erin received her BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and currently lives and works outside of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. 

Hailee Va

Hailee Va, an Oregon native who currently lives in Portland, loves to draw and has drawn ladies her entire life, manifesting on paper her mind full of enchanting women. The girls she draws represent her heat, heart swells, periods, punches, moon sweats, and soft spells. Her depictions seem to flow directly from heart to hand. Hailee explains, "They grow with me and carry the weight my body cannot. They take me through trips and bring me back home." 

Micaela Colleen Barrett

Micaela Colleen Barrett is an artist, graphic designer, tango dancer, and people-watcher. She draws inspiration from people's movements, and the interaction between body, space, and time. 

Honey Forestier

Honey Forestier grew up in Rouen, Normandie, France and has spent the last three years studying art in Paris. Her intent energy for the arts is guided by the belief that the right path incorporates many paths. From drawing to sewing to creating short films to playing music to photography to painting, she feels an overriding impulse to create and works to express herself and portray life as she sees it.  

Evelyn Lasso

Evelyn Lasso is a visual artist based in Rosario, Argentina. Inspired by nature, she constructs forms based on organic shapes and texture.

Caitlin Shearer

Caitlin Shearer is an illustrator and textile designer working in Sydney, Australia. Her work combines the essences of the female experience and the beauty of nature, exploring the themes of obsession, love, and self-analysis. Wearable art, illustrated garments, and diary-keeping are all strong components of Caitlin's repertoire.