Erin Donnelly

Erin Donnelly has studied art and created art for nearly her whole life. Although she says she never really concentrated in watercolors or gouache, she finds these days this medium is easiest to work with in her intimate studio. She enjoys working tightly on floral and geometric prints with these materials, as well as her usual loose, free flowing, more abstract figures and objects in her oil paintings. 

Her most recent work references designs and patterns you may find in many different cultures' folk art - imperfect, yet beautiful representations of common people's work. Many of her subjects are women, which she likes to think of as her Goddesses, "They are the women that I give power to when I may not feel powerful myself. I may create a Pinup when I don't feel sexy, a Gypsy when I feel I need to run, or a Deity when I need change. Imagining who these women are, breathing life into them, painting the colors of their essence in turn gives me the freedom and power I need as an artist, as a common person, as a woman." 

Erin received her BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and currently lives and works outside of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. 

Francis Kulikowski

Francis Kulikowski utilizes drawing in the same way some may write in journals with work that often turns out to be exaggerated interpretations of her daily thoughts or experiences. She is particularly interested in mass media and folk art - and the duality of the two genres of creative communication that most people in contemporary society are inundated with. She is fascinated with the formulation and production processes of mass media images, often grotesque and cliche in their aesthetic, while intrigued by the authenticity and accessibility of folk art that can also be aesthetically and thematically unsettling. Francis is currently co-producing a book based on a friend's memoirs of his youth. She lives and works in Detroit. 

Hailee Va

Hailee Va, an Oregon native who currently lives in Portland, loves to draw and has drawn ladies her entire life, manifesting on paper her mind full of enchanting women. The girls she draws represent her heat, heart swells, periods, punches, moon sweats, and soft spells. Her depictions seem to flow directly from heart to hand. Hailee explains, "They grow with me and carry the weight my body cannot. They take me through trips and bring me back home." 

Shannon Washington

Shannon Washington, aka Akujixxv, is a Jamaican-American born artist currently residing in Maryland. She is a mental health advocate and artist dedicated to deconstructing damaging stereotypes about people of color through illustration.

Jessica Butler

Jessica Butler was born and raised in New Jersey and is a recent graduate of Sarah Lawrence College where she focused on studio art and film history. Her work deals primarily with the imperfections, humor, strangeness, and beauty of being human, often through the pairing of text with images. Interested in experimenting among multiple mediums, she translates her characters and ideas through artist books and zines, sculptures, illustrations and drawings, painting and printmaking.

Ambivalently Yours

Under the pseudonym Ambivalently Yours, this artist has explored ambivalence - simultaneously loving and hating - through the online sharing of ambivalent illustrations and drawing requests (posted at, as well as through sound sketches, videos, blog posts, and anonymous notes left in public spaces. AY believes that feelings of ambivalence can often lead to passive behavior, but they don’t necessarily have to. Advocating for a women's right to choose and believing there isn't only one choice, AY chooses not to choose; but to remain in between, creating a space artistically where conflicting feelings are confronted and reevaluated.

Chelsea Watt

Chelsea Watt is an illustrator currently based out of Toronto, Ontario. Her most recent work explores anxieties about living spaces, communicating with others, and the heaviness of what is tangible, as well as intangible. She likes the idea of art being widely obtainable and/or accessible, especially through the form of zines, books, and other mediums.

Caitlin Shearer

Caitlin Shearer is an illustrator and textile designer working in Sydney, Australia. Her work combines the essences of the female experience and the beauty of nature, exploring the themes of obsession, love, and self-analysis. Wearable art, illustrated garments, and diary-keeping are all strong components of Caitlin's repertoire.