Taylor Hanigosky

Taylor Hanigosky is a photo artist from Youngstown, Ohio who relishes in the beauty of storytelling. She feels compelled to use imagery as a way to provoke conversation about how we live and why. She takes her inspiration from the simple nuances of everyday routines and explores alternative photographic processes as a means of creative expression. 

Taylor recently finished a photographic series constructed to affirm and celebrate a modern female experience. 

Images of women are everywhere - on nearly every product’s packaging, magazine page, and street corner. But the over-saturation of falsified versions of women's bodies primes a deep desire for a rare glimpse of authenticity and familiarity. Unable to seek out the images I was craving, I felt compelled to create my own. As a twenty-something young woman at the cusp of fresh independence, I set out to photograph my world - a world of waning innocence, newfound boldness, and impervious uncertainty. However, during the course of this project, I often faced the dismissive claim that photographing a female experience was cliché. But this perception diminishes female emotion into a pool of trivial musings and restricts a woman to a rigid and preconceived idea. When facing these belittling assaults on the validity of femininity, I became ever more compelled to continue. I amassed a series of images unveiling the essence of modern femininity in the quietest and most private of moments. What I found were the beautiful contradictions, emotions, and fluidity of identifying as a woman in the 21st century.