Rozalyn Crews

Rozalyn's art and social practice is informed by structures of observation and documentation, and it is inspired by collaborative environments like museums and the archaeological field. She thinks of art-making as a way to help the public organize and explore their curiosities by presenting different ways of seeing. Her work aims to expose prejudices and amplify voices that frequently go unheard. Embracing unique approaches to observation, she believes art can act as a critical tool for demystifying the ideology of inequalities.

Roz received her BA in Anthropology from New College of Florida and is currently a student in the Art & Social Practice MFA program at Portland State University. She studied public archaeology and community engagement during college and is now the Artist in Residence at Portland State University’s Housing & Residence Life department. Born in Gainesville, Florida, she lives in Portland, Oregon.

As the FYE-FRINQ Artist in Residence, Roz is responsible for providing creative support to the Freshman Year Experience program and the students, faculty, mentors, RAs and LCAs involved in the living and learning communities. She works closely with a faculty member mentor to participate in class projects and create supplementary workshop programming for the students. In addition to providing creative support to the program, she produces community art projects that highlight the themes presented in FYE-FRINQ class syllabi. She lives and fosters a creative community in the Broadway Building Residence Hall at PSU.

Reading the Phone Book was an experimental installation in the AB Gallery at Portland State University.

Roz hosted a spelling bee for her class. Controlled by performance in the spelling bee, the participants built a dance score using various appropriated instructions from the Fluxus Workbook (ed. by Ken Friedman, et. al.), Fluxus-inspired instructions that Roz invented, or the students' own ideas, which they could write down on blank slips of paper. Read the instructions for the spelling bee game here.

Roz used the final score, pictured above, to perform her first solo-dance. This piece was choreographed by Nina Berry, Jen Delos Reyes, Joshua Compton, Leroy Elie, Alyssa Jensen, Jordan Hoagbin, Edward Ershbock, and Laura Sandow. Click here to view screen shots from some of the choreography footage.

Nina Berry, Jordan Hoagbin, and Rozalyn co-curated a series of three conversations that addressed different issues that they were passionate about. The project took place over the last three weeks in January of 2015, one conversation per week, hosted in the AB Gallery within the Art Building at Portland State University.

The goal of the series was to produce meaningful conversation in an art gallery around a topic that they felt deserved discussion. To give special privilege to these topics as centers of conversation was a way to honor their importance in everyday life. The topics included in this series were Nails & Feminism: a discussion of the role of feminism in our lives; What Does Art Do?: a conversation addressing the importance and function of works of art (from painting to social practice); and Your Culture is Not My Trend: a conversation on cultural appropriation versus cultural exchange.

This is a notebook for Roz's current research about performance art, sports, spectators, audiences, artists, invention & athletes. You might see interview transcriptions, anecdotal evidence, vlogs, guest posts, photos, lists, etc.

To submit a guest post about your experience with art & sports, email Roz at with your story, idea, interview, vlog, painting, performance piece, etc.