Awamaki Lab is the brand behind the non-profit organization, Awamaki, based in Seattle and Peru. It was founded in 2010 by Annie Millican with the goal of empowering women through design by bringing creators from around the world to work with women artisans and build a mutually beneficial exchange of ideas and skills. Designers have the opportunity to learn about weaving traditions and sustainable production while artisans learn to expand their ideas and increase their access to markets and income. Awamaki Lab began with three seamstresses, 39 weavers, and one designer. The idea was to use traditional weaving to create unique fashion-forward products to sell in Awamaki's local fair trade store in Ollantaytambo, Peru, and around the world. Awamaki Lab now works with six cooperatives of nearly 100 artisans specializing in hand-woven naturally dyed textiles, hand-spun alpaca yarns and felt, hand-knitting, and sewing. Awamaki Lab operates under fair trade principals to ensure that their artisans earn a living wage. They are committed to creating sustainable, independently-run cooperatives and using locally sourced, natural materials. Learn even more about Awamaki from our interview with their Creative Director, Krissa Henderson here