I’m excited to announce She/Folk’s latest project – FIRSTS

FIRSTS will be a collection of community-generated stories and art on all the different “firsts” women experience but are rarely encouraged to share and reflect openly on. While it will technically be our fourth zine issue, this is the FIRST time She/Folk will be compiling all brand new content specifically for this issue – and it will be unfiltered. This issue is about supporting women being honestraw & loud. It’s about breaking through the pervasive shame, stigma & constraints heaped upon us. 

Think: first mothering experience – all the ways one can mother – and all the ways it can be beautiful and messy and painful and joyful. Think: first coming out – all the ways it can feel liberating and devastating and exhilarating and frightening. Think: first job – all the jobs women take on – all the ways work can be powerful and exhausting and daunting and energizing. Think: first loss; first assault; first independence; first love. 

All these “firsts” inevitably shape the women who we become, and despite the vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast range of how we each experience these firsts - the truth is we’ve all experienced one, likely more of them. 

Click here to propose your story/art ideas for inclusion in the zine (and remember your idea can take any shape/form - as long as it can be printed and included in a zine format - it could be a collage, it could be a poem, it could be a long-form article, or it could be a drawing - whatever you think works best!) The deadline for the first round of submissions is August 30th!

And please share this widely with the women in your world! 

Also! Be sure to check back here on the website and on our instagram and facebook to keep up with future specific prompts and ways to contribute to the issue.

Thank you. Thank you!

<3 Arianne