Interview with Artist Virginia Lee Montgomery

Almost every professional business realm in the United States is still dominated by CIS white men. I am often the only woman amidst seas of men in suits… Do you know what it’s like to walk a conference floor passing man after man, after man, after man? To be the only working woman amidst vast seas of thousands of men? You become so aware of your own body... like many working artists operating outside a studio environment, I see a lot. I’m grateful for the hard truths that help me grow. I enjoy the work, especially with social non-profits, humanitarian groups, and global NGOs, though my own art practice significantly preserves a realm of sacred experience outside the concerns of my clients. It’s a secret space away from the economic world, and permits me to foster intimacy on my own terms. In a sense, I have a “front stage” self and a “back stage” self that I move between. Professionally, front stage, my currency is knowledge of knowledge. But, back stage, my art practice operates in the inverse. It is about not knowing anything. It’s mysterious and forgiving and a place of magic.

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