Interview with Jewelry Designer Mia Anter

"The formula for me is quite simple - large and heavy pieces make me feel powerful. I have tried making smaller, more wearable versions of certain pieces and it feels like declawing a mythic beast. I like to feel the weight of these objects on my body, it feels like a declaration of their existence, their right to be here, to be seen and to be felt, sometimes to draw blood. I think as a woman, a very petite one at that, I struggle with my lack of physical power. My adornment needs to be loud, to take up space, to be offensive and defensive and menacing. Symbolism is also incredibly empowering because it is experienced on a deeply personal level. Even a symbol as ubiquitous as the moon must be experienced privately, as a secret exchange between the adornment and the adorned - it is metaphysical empowerment rather than physical. Give a symbol a substantial amount of weight and you're bulletproof."

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