How Good Can You Lay Pipe?

When I graduated college, I got my first career-oriented job. I was a behavioral health educator and HIV/AIDS counselor. I started working in a jail program with about 80 or more men and only like 10 females. I was mainly teaching life skills classes. I taught classes on job readiness, parenting, community education (which included nutrition, sex education, housing, drug education). I also taught lessons on domestic violence prevention, anger management, strengthening families, HIV/STD education, and many others. The classes in the jail program I worked at were usually co-ed, which was a struggle because males and females weren’t allowed direct communication with one another, but it helped the class to see both points of view. Outpatient/parent classes were also co-ed. Inpatient classes were always separated by sex. I do think clients were more likely to ask real questions if they were separated by gender. I think in co-ed classes sometimes questions would never be asked not because they weren’t truly interested in knowing but because it could be embarrassing in front of the opposite sex. One time I was teaching a sex ed class to men in jail, only men, and they didn’t realize women get erections too, or that we have three holes. In co-ed sex ed classes those questions would either never be asked or they’d be written down and given to me instead of verbalized in front of the group. Sometimes if genders are mixed together too there would be a lot of attention-seeking behavior. For example, during a co-ed class we were doing mock job interviews. Questions like, “How good can you lay pipe?" were asked. They’re talking about fucking, just trying to get attention, not actually taking the act at hand seriously. Of course most of the time, we shut them down. But not always. I remember having an officer remove a girl from my class for referring to herself as something terrible just for attention. Or in creative arts classes we were painting and some girl painted tits on her shirt because she knew the men were going to walk by. Males would "gun people down," basically ask to use the bathroom while either myself or another woman was up there, and they would masturbate. All sorts of craziness. I think that things like this happened because of loneliness, and embarrassment, and people just want to try and see what they can get away with.

Submitted by Anonymous, Edited by Arianne Keegan