Full Moon

I think women are caregivers by nature, and we can see “the bigger picture”, and think more in terms of the future. Having cycles that change with the moon puts us so much closer in touch with the earth and attached to something constantly. We’re forced to pay attention to our bodies and work with our, sometimes frustrating, periods. I never view my period as inconvenient though. It’s here to remind me who I am, the tribe I come from - that tribe being women - and how my body is doing. I don’t know what men have really that can do that so naturally and consistently for them.

I also think we’re more emotional beings. The fact that I’m an emotional being, in my mind, gives me an advantage because I think I’m in touch with things more passionately, but in a lot of parts of the world and areas of our lives, women aren’t treated equally and can often be discredited for their emotions. I notice with a lot of my female friends, even we find ourselves doubting the very same emotions we’re all feeling, wondering if we’re being “too” emotional about things. There is a definite shame associated with being emotional, and that goes for all genders.

I feel sometimes I’ve been really dismissed when being assertive and wanting to talk about something I’m passionate about because I’m a woman. There are all these jokes in society about when women are just talking on and on, rambling, and men will glaze over and zone out until the story’s done. In a way, we’ve made it humorous, but really it’s fucked up. Sometimes I do ramble, sure, but I feel like it can be perceived this way when I’m speaking my truth too, being honest about what I’m feeling and thinking, and to have someone glaze over when you’re doing that, sucks. I think it’s something women experience that men don’t often. And I get annoyed with this feeling that someone’s just waiting for me to be done speaking, not listening to me. Like men are just waiting for me to finish. I don’t feel that way when I’m speaking to a woman. I’m sure it has to do with communication styles too, but I’ve had it with all the men in my life: friends, family, partners. All of it seems to stem from this stereotype that women are too emotional. We’re dismissed because we’re too upset, and we need to calm down. You see it all over, especially in politics and media. 

Submitted by Anonymous, Edited by Arianne Keegan